up or down


Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge, February 24, 2017



Up or down,

a choice, choice

we have, we have

no choice at all. All

we have,

up or down.


xo from jo


which way do i go



The photo below is one that I took last July and it answers the question “Which way?”

This is a whimsical “Which Way”. Not so much about people.

Which way would I go if I was a mouse being chased by an owl!?hiding-places-2016-07-29-2

And then I couldn’t help myself for the following picture but I couldn’t find a good free clip art mouse and owl. The question here would have to be, “Which way would I go if I was a snake being chased by a dinosaur?”snake-and-dino

I really love that dinosaur…you will be seeing him here again…I think I’ll call him Rory!

xo from jo