the unicorn conspiracy

This is my contribution to 3 Line Tales – Week 57 by Sonya.  It is inspired by the photo above, taken by Fleur Treurniet via Unsplash.

I walk up to the safe-house with it’s washed out stonework, it’s blacked out windows and a hastily printed up sign announcing the meeting and stand, silently, in front of the door. This is the last meeting of Unicorn and the decision that will change so many lives is supposed to be made here, today, but I won’t be a part of it and I have already decided to make a short appearance, excuse myself to the washroom and then disappear with the only alien known to exist on earth. It won’t be long before they realize what has happened but with the alien’s powers, it will be long enough for us to disappear forever.

xo from jo


zz top

This is a challenge launched by Sonya@Only 100 Words.

It’s called Three Line Tales and this is the photo, for Three Line Tales-Week 55 by Edwin Andrade@unsplash, that inspired my tale. tlt-week-55

It was an intimate ZZ Top concert, I just got paid and I was feelin’ bad to the bone. All around me were beer drinkers and hell raisers and one sharp dressed man, wearing a Viva Las Vegas t-shirt, who looked at me and said, “I’m just waitin’ for the bus ’cause I was arrested for driving while blind.” Since I was kind of confused by this, I asked “What’s up with that,” but not waiting for an answer, I put on my cheap sunglasses and started rockin’ to La Grange.

The intimate ZZ Top concert, real. My tale, fiction 🙂img_5093

xo from jo