groundhog day again

The folklore says, if a groundhog sees his shadow, it means we will have six more weeks of winter. That brings us to the middle of march! So, if he doesn’t see his shadow, does that mean that winter is over at the end of February?

Was just reading about Nova Scotia’s Shubenacadie Sam.  He didn’t see his shadow so Nova Scotia should have an early spring. Here in Quebec, we have Fred la marmottepc-mai-2003-c-emond-toutoune-2In English that would be “Fred the groundhog”. He is also predicting an early spring. I can hardly wait to see that! I wonder what an early spring looks like. No snow in March? Hmmmm. Well I’m sure I’ll have something to talk about here when the middle of March comes.

Winter surrounds us yet groundhogs abound, Patience a virtue for sprouts from the ground.