pine green

Pine green for me is home. Not literally, but a few years back I took a road trip with my, then, 12 year old daughter.  We traveled into New Brunswick and then back into Quebec. We headed up to Gaspésie and Forillon National Park. We camped, stayed in motels and discovered new things about the province I’ve lived in for most of my life.

New Brunswick, Canada
Forillon National Park, Quebec, Canada

On our way home, we took the ferry at Matane across to the north shore (Côte Nord) of the Saint-Lawrence River. After supper, we decided to drive until dark and stop at a motel somewhere along the highway. So we headed west.

At some point while driving, I realized all I could smell was pine! It was that time of the day up north when you can actually smell the air. The time of day when the smells, the sounds and the colors are all more pronounced. I think it’s the coolness of dusk being greeted by the departing warmth of the day that creates this magical moment.  It takes me a minute to realize that the smell is coming from outside. The road is enveloped in pine trees and the movement of the car is drawing the smell in. Mmmmmmmm, I’m home. I want to stay in this place where the air itself smells like pine. The only thing that stopped me from heading farther north that day was my daughter just aching to go shopping in one of the cities on the way home! So we got to enjoy the pine-scented air, and the whales and the unbelievable sunrises and then, on the way home, we had fun shopping. 🙂

Montebello, Quebec

So those are my pine green thoughts and photos.

xo from jo


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